Painting With a Triple Twist

Creativity…I love it!  What could be better than people tapping into their inner creative muse and making something lovely to enjoy for years to come?  I’m cherishing the opportunity to do what I love best, creating music, while my audience makes their own art masterpiece during the Painting With The 3 Paletteers class at Norm’s Palette in beautiful Mount Dora, FL.

What a unique experience, to watch their creations come into being, while I sing my favorite songs!  And don’t forget the wine.  🙂  THIS painting class is also a Wine Tasting of 6 different wines from around the world.  So everyone relaxes into the process as Claude Widmer pours his favorites from sparkling glass bottles.

Norman Rinne is your painting guide.  Map?  You don’t need a map!  You’ve got your imagination and Norm’s many years’ experience.  Just go with the flow, be present.

Every painting is different, reflecting the artists’ unique perspective.  Just as every note of a song builds to become a story, a feeling; each brush stroke builds a picture, a frozen moment in time.  That moment is now, it’s your life!  It’s all the experiences you’ve had so far, with a hint of all those to come.

So don’t be afraid to sweep your brush boldly.  Create the life you want, paint the experiences you want to have, the people and places and things you want to know and love.

Your canvas is waiting.

Musical Thoughts

So I’m at a music gig yesterday at Lakeport Square. One-stop retirement! It’s a retirement community that also has an assisted living facility and nursing home on property.

It was a Cruise theme; fake flower leis, cocktails, Bananas Foster and ice sculpture by a chef with an electric chainsaw. (That’s what I call retiring in style!)

We were performing lots of upbeat standards and Mike, my piano player, starts in with the song Tequila. This is an amazing song. Why? Because it literally makes anyone, no matter their age or physical capabilities, begin to bounce along!!! Try it! Go to YouTube and find the song Tequila, by The Champs, play it and see what happens. You won’t be able to resist bopping around. You may even invent new dance moves never seen by man!

I instigated a conga line to Tequila. Yes, i am guilty…of helping people have a great time!